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The 5 Best Reasons to Choose Allevia Home Care for the Elderly Care in Aurora, Colorado

Senior Care Service in Aurora, CO

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Senior Care Service in Aurora, CO

Choosing the right home care service for your elderly loved ones is a decision that requires careful consideration. You want to ensure that they receive the highest quality of care and support in a comfortable and safe environment. If you are in the Aurora, CO area, Allevia Home Care is a standout option that deserves…

As a home personal care specialist assisting elderly clients and their families in the greater Denver area for over a decade, I’m often asked, “How do I choose the right senior care near me in Aurora, CO option for my aging parent? With so many providers to pick from, what should I prioritize?”

Why Choosing the Right In-Home Elderly Care Matters

It’s an excellent question to carefully consider because selecting the best in-home care service can tremendously impact quality of life for you, your loved one, and the whole family. The right support enables independence at home while offering relief through difficult diagnoses like dementia, mobility limitations, and other age-related challenges.  

In my experience serving Aurora families, Allevia Home Care Agencies in Aurora, CO stands well above the competition. Allevia’s stellar safety record, breadth of services addressing diverse needs, compassionate teams who feel like family, and outstanding care management make them my trusted go-to for client referrals.

Top 5 Reasons “Allevia Home Care” Outperforms Care for the Elderly

Let’s explore the 5 top reasons Allevia Home Care excels at providing attentive, reliable assistance so your elderly parents can happily and comfortably continue living at home.

Reason #1: Rigorously Vetted Caregivers Deliver Consistent Quality

Finding and Retaining the Best Caregivers 

Finding and retaining excellent caregivers is extremely challenging for families navigating elder care in Aurora, CO. Many organizations suffer from leadership issues or high employee turnover rates, resulting in inconsistent or unreliable assistance vulnerable seniors can’t afford.

Allevia combats this through an extremely selective 10-step vetting and interview process assessing caregiving experience, judgment calls in complex situations, and empathy metrics. This ensures only the best 5% of applicants who meet extreme standards for dependability, knowledge, and compassion start assisting Allevia families.  

Ongoing Training and Support For Capability

Ongoing supervision, advanced caregiver training, and coordination support from registered nurses combine with their selective hiring for unmatched capability. By investing in amazing people, rather than aggressive expansion, Allevia Home Care delivers the area’s highest consistency ratings – meaning you can truly rely on teams assigned to your parents through good days and bad.

Reason #2: Specialized Assistance Personalized to Unique Needs Elderly Loved  

What makes a great caregiver? Customizing support around each client’s changing requirements based on diagnoses, mobility, nutrition and personal preferences is vital. Allevia Home Care Planning team excels at designing highly personalized daily assistance plans so your loved one feels special every day.

Nearly 80% of elderly adults suffer from complex chronic conditions requiring medication routines, wound care, physical assistance, or rehabilitation their children simply can’t manage working full-time. Allevia’s nurses and caregivers receive constant training to provide excellent support, whether your aging parents require:

  • Medication administration & prescription coordination with doctors;
  • Mobility care like transfers, use of wheelchairs, walkers etc.;
  • Transportation & errands to retain independence;
  • Meal preparation catered to dietary needs;
  • Dementia care using validation approaches;
  • Palliative services and pain relief.

And all other common age-related hurdles families face. With deep expertise serving Colorado seniors for nearly 25 years, we have seen it all! By pairing your parents with consistent caregivers trained for their exact support needs, Allevia makes daily living easier, so small hurdles don’t become overwhelming.

Reason #3: Total Family Comfort through Seamless Collaboration 

Transitioning to Requiring In-Home Personal Care for Our Elders 

Transitioning from total independence to requiring in-home senior assistance marks extremely stressful, delicate times for aging parents and their children. That’s why smoothly integrating caregiving and accountability to the whole family provides vital reassurance.

Dreadful stories of abuse in senior living facilities unfortunately occur when family collaboration breaks down from poor communication and supervision. Allevia Home Care maintains excellent family relationship-building and visibility into caregiver activity for total peace of mind. 

Enabling Family Oversight for Reassurance

By coordinating schedules closely with relatives and keeping you informed via easy-to-use digital Care Logs family members access 24/7, they enable collaboration securing safety and happiness. Clients’ kids provide direct input into Assistance Plans, closely oversee medication logs, transportation records and daily caregiver notes.

Smooth coordination also prevents disconnects between children in complex family structures that can undermine consistency. Allevia Home Care treats you like true partners, not just clients. Strong relationships between aides, care managers and your family ensure seamless transitions when needs change.

 Reason #4: Specialized Care for Dementia & Alzheimer’s for Comfort 

Caring for parents with degenerative cognitive disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia often represents families’ greatest struggle. As simple tasks like getting dressed, preparing food or recognizing loved ones become impossible, quality around-the-clock support makes an incredible difference for client and family alike. 

Allevia Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care managers create specially tailored plans to ease these deeply challenging jobs us children simply can’t handle ourselves. Our dedicated Memory Care teams take an all-encompassing validation approach, focused on:

  • Preserving dignity through each phase of cognitive decline;
  • Retaining joy using music, reminiscing & sensory objects;
  • Respecting comfort zones around food, environment & relationships;
  • Encouraging independence for mobility, hygiene & daily tasks.

Custom routines mitigate outbursts while nurturing personhood development areas often overlooked by strictly medical models fixated on physical health metrics alone. Allevia also provides invaluable Counseling, Respite Care, and Family Support Groups so you don’t shoulder caregiving burnout risks alone.

Specialized assistance utilizing emerging best practices provides incredible comfort to both your loved ones and family members as you walk an intensely difficult path together.  

Reason #5: Peace of Mind through Stringent Standards & Safety Processes In-Home Care

The Priority of Safety for Home Health

Above all else, ensuring aging adults stay safe and comfortable should drive families’ care decisions. This guides everything Allevia Home Care does. Rigorous hiring screens, continual risk analysis workflows for emerging client issues, and the highest accountability enable us to boast incredibly low incident rates.  

For example, Allevia Home Care undergoes regular audits and supervision far surpassing Colorado care standards required for licensing. Some key safety processes we oversee:

  • Enhanced caregiver criminal background checks;
  • Mandatory abuse & neglect prevention training;
  • Secure digital care logs with family controls;
  • Strict medication administration guidelines;
  • Real-time monitoring options (family-directed use);
  • Proactive client risk analysis and resolution.

Allevia also offers higher liability insurance coverage limits than competitors in case unlikely accidents ever did occur. However, strict procedures focused on prevention enable incident rates exceeding 99% favorability.

The Bottom Line: Why Allevia Should Top Your List 

The Complete Package Personal Care for Our Elders

During stressful times making hugely impactful arrangements for beloved parents, it helps to rely on trusted advisors to ease the burden. Through years assisting families like yours find the best support, Allevia Home Care stands apart for its consistent, compassionate, and totally customized care.   

Enabling Quality of Life Elderly Loved One

Allevia’s selective hiring and specialists tailored to unique needs empower your loved ones to happily and comfortably continue independent lifestyles at home. Complete family inclusion, collaborative design around changing requirements, and stringent oversight procedures deliver vital peace of mind so you maintain treasured time together.

My Trusted Recommendations for the Best Elderly Care Options for Seniors

When comparing care options, I highly recommend talking to us first.  Learn out why Allevia Home Care is your trusted partner in helping our seniors safely live their best lives despite the inevitable challenges of age.